Tomacco Scented Candle

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"Smooth and mild, but refreshingly addictive."

This 12 oz scented candle is a unique blend of fresh, green tomato leaf and rich, herbaceous toback-o. Much like the fictional tomacco, the scent is distinct and addictive. It simultaneously has notes of being warm, fresh, masculine, and smoky. You might even say it smells like Grandma.

This scented candle is themed after the hybrid fruit the Simpsons accidentally create in the season 11 episode "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)." After planting a mix of random seeds and radioactive plutonium, Homer discovers he has grown a plant that resembles a tomato on the outside, but toback-o on the inside. Tomacco ends up being a sensation, with customers lining up for a taste and even Laramie Cigarettes trying to buy the rights to it.

The candle is made of all natural soy wax that has been hand-poured into glass jars. Each candle has a label mimicking the episode's artwork. The candle is topped with a gold metal lid.

The 12 oz jars have an estimated 40+ hours of burn time. These candles are made in a single, very small batch, so they won't be around for long!