Kramer "The Beach" Scented Candle


"You know the way you smell when you first come home from the beach? Well, I want to make a cologne that captures the essence of that smell."

Inspired by Cosmo Kramer's designer cologne, this is a scented candle that makes it smell like you just got home from the beach. The candle is made of all natural soy wax hand-poured into glass jars. Jars are topped with a metallic lid and decorated with a Calvin Klein-inspired label featuring the K-man's modeling to give the candle jar the appearance of an actual cologne bottle, just like the one Kramer proposed to Calvin Klein. It has two wicks to ensure full and even burn. The jar has 16 ounces of wax to allow for approximately 60 hours of burn time. Every jar is individually painted to resemble beach glass. Each jar looks unique with a "washed over" wavy finish. These candles have been created in a very small batch by hand.

The candle is scented with a unique blend of fragrances to smell like the beach. It features notes of suntan lotion and salty ocean breeze.

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