Sack Lunch VHS


"So, do you think they got shrunk down or is it just a giant sack?"

This is a handmade VHS replica box of Sack Lunch, the fictional movie within Seinfeld. This is the movie that is showing in theaters in the episode The English Patient (S08E17). Elaine sees its poster and is amused and intrigued by its delightful yet unclear premise. Her date, Blaine, doesn't share her interest and they end up seeing The English Patient to Elaine's dismay. Sack Lunch is also the in-flight movie at the end of the episode when Elaine has to fly to Tunisia, but unfortunately the plane is hijacked by Dominicans before it can play.

This box and the labels were handcrafted to be identical to a real life VHS release for an actual movie. The poster is identical to the one featured in the show. The box also includes tons of hidden references to the show. The description on the back, the credits, even the copyright warning, and more all tie back to Seinfeld jokes. Seinfeld may be on Netflix now, but you can only find this one here!

I should point out that this is for display purposes only. There is an actual tape with Sack Lunch labels inside the box. However, if you put the tape in a VCR and press play, you won't see a family inside a giant sack (you'll probably see the movie Cliffhanger or something). It's a cool piece of memorabilia to have on the shelf or give as a great Festivus gift to a fellow Seinfeld fan.


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